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Divine Love Meditation

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Would you like to experience Divine Love with your Higher Self? Get into a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Turn off your phone. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out.

In order to relax and raise your energy vibration, think of things you are grateful for. Feel yourself relax and feel at peace as you continue to deep breathe. Let any thoughts simply float by as you let go of the worries of the day. Allow yourself to sink into a feeling of deep relaxation.

Focus on your heart center. Feel gratitude for this moment. Praise yourself for taking time for nurturance of Self. Take a few more deep breaths in and out. Now focus your attention on your Higher Self. This is the part of you that never enters physical form. The True You is of too high of a Light frequency to be able to enter fully into physical form. Thus it “creates” an extension of itself in order to have a human experience.

You are never separate from your Higher Self.

It is referenced as a “higher” Self because it is vibrating at a higher or faster frequency. It is not a “higher” Self because it resides high up in an unreachable place in space. Your Higher Self is part of the whole of God, the Creator, the Source of All. There is no division; being separate is a human concept.

When you connect with your Higher Self, you are also connecting with God / Creator / Source, for there is no separation. There is only “higher” understanding, “higher” vibration between you, your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and the Creators of our universe. The difference in these vibrations is simply the amount of Divine (unconditional) Love that one expresses. Gratitude is a reflection of Love. Thus, when you express these two, your vibration increases and this is what makes it easier to connect with those in higher vibrational realms of existence. It is like tuning into a radio station. You can’t pick up channel 101.9 until you tune the frequency to come close or match it.

Fear based thoughts, words and actions lowers one’s frequency and this is the reason why humans fall into the false belief that we are separate from God. Divine Love, the essence of God / Source resonates at the highest frequency. The more you can attune your body, which is like an antenna, the more you can raise your vibration so that you can feel and experience this connection that always surrounds and is within you.

The heart center is where the “kingdom of God” resides within you.

This is your power center where Love emanates, ready to be received and emitted. This interaction of energy is always happening, but usually goes unnoticed. More often, the energies are hampered due to one’s amnesia of their True Roots. Pain and suffering are the result of Separation Anxiety, feeling alone in the world and separate from one’s Higher Self and God.

This short exercise is one method to relieve that anxiety as you raise your vibration and consciously tune in to your Higher Self and beyond. Once you feel fully relaxed, focus your attention on your heart center. Mentally acknowledge that you wish to consciously connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Team and Source of All at this time.

Allow yourself to receive their Love. Note any feelings of calmness, peace and warmth. Feel yourself being bathed with their love. Notice the energy flowing into your crown chakra and emanating through every cell of your body. Receive this love as they honor you for being the wonderful and beautiful Being of Light that you are. Remain in this state, receiving their gift of Divine Love as long as you choose. Know that you can return at any time to receive more of their Love.

This is a wonderful meditation you can use each night as you drift off to sleep and when you awaken each morning.

Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this is a reminder that you have slipped back into Separation Anxiety. Take a few moments to deep breathe and connect with your Higher Self. Then you will be more receptive to receiving guidance in how to handle any situation that comes before you.

Whenever you are feeling lonely or in despair, use this exercise so you can consciously receive their Divine Love. There are many Beings of Light who surround you all the time. They long to connect with you and to assist you. The feeling of separation always comes from you, for they are not locked in emotional and physical confines that are part of the human experience.

You can have a “heavenly homecoming” at any moment that you choose. They will re-energize you and help you to get back on your path of awakening. Simply tune in by mustering up as much love and gratitude as you can. This raises your vibration and with their assistance, you can ascend above duality.

You have the capability in this lifetime to remember your True Roots while being in physical form. This is your chosen destiny, yet only a few will discipline themselves enough to attain this level of understanding and awareness. This simple meditation is one tool you can use to help erase the feelings of Separation.

Once the mind is calm, the heart can expand.

In those moments, it is easier to receive their Divine Love. Each moment of your life, practice being the highest degree of Divine Love that you can muster in that moment. When in union with Beings of Light, allow their energies to flow more freely through you. Bask in their love for as long as you desire. Tune into these Beings for more Divine Love anytime you wish.

You can also use this method to increase your ability to make a **Heart Connection with friends, family and those with whom you have difficulties. Visualize they are standing in front of you and send the feeling of love from your heart to theirs. On some level, they will experience the energy you send.

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