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Discover Your Truth

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Discover your truth. Today is a grand day, one of great celebration, for you have chosen to be alive on planet Earth! The time has come to look closely at every belief you hold to be true. Most beliefs were inhaled on blind faith, never once questioning the authority of those who proclaimed these truths.

The ability to go inside and to connect with your Higher Self is within your grasp. It is your intuition, that inner knowing, that is your connection. Pay attention to this “knowingness” for it is your key to fine tuning your connection.

Dare to be open-minded and look for Truth in all things.

Ask questions, especially of those who have thoughts different from your own. There are no two people who have the same beliefs in all things. Instead of perpetuating the differences with others, focus on discovering the similarities. Break down the barriers of separation.

The beauty of being human is being able to think what you choose, to behave as you choose and to change what does not feel right for you. This is a God-given right that you were blessed with when you entered this Realm. It is called “free will” and although it frees you to do whatever you choose, there are repercussions that come with each choice you make.

When you choose to exercise your free will to do things that are kind, humble and compassionate, you will find yourself living a life with a higher vibrational frequency. This does not mean your path will not have obstacles or that you will earn the respect of others. This does mean that you will experience more peace, joy and happiness in your life. Can you think of a better way to spend your days on Earth?

Go within and take note of the beliefs that are dear to your heart and have the courage to question whether they continue to be valid for you. When you are ready to make changes, release the fears and behaviors associated with these changes and watch your life magically unfold.

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