What is your favorite empowering book?

Although I never read “The Power of Now,” the book title often brings me back to center.
What is your favorite empowering book?








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  1. Well I love Kim Michaels works’Healing Mother Earth’and’My Lives with Lucifer,Satan,Hitler and Jesus’.Also Jonette Crowley’The Eagle and the Condor’.Inspiring.

    1. I sure do love synchronicity… woke up this morning and felt Guided to send lots of unconditional love to Anton Levy, the founder of Satanism and Lucifer… no judgments, just my growth in experiencing unconditional love for the “dark.” Then you mentioned the “Lucifer” book… so glad you did, been spending an interesting month with the four that are named in that title. Read a bit online and now have the book on order! Thanks again for mentioning it… not a coincidence, I am sure!

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