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The Soul Connections include over 270 inspirational messages
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Discover the secrets of the universe as you remember your role
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As above, so below.

Thoughts, words and actions are all energetic forms that emanate from you
and continue forth, affecting all other life forms.
As within, so without.

The Soul Connections are practical solutions to expand one's mind beyond limited beliefs,  to face and overcome fear, break free from addictions and offers many life-enhancing suggestions to help along life's journey.

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Much emphasis is placed on words which results in misunderstandings caused by judgmental behaviors;
little notice is given to body language
or unspoken words. This is more
pronounced when communicating through electronic devices.


To be a more effective communicator, T.H.I.N.K. before you speak.


T: Is it the right Time?

H: Is it Honest?

I:  Is it about “I” (your ego)?

N: Is it Necessary?

K: Is it Kind?


Practice using these filters before you speak. As you master this skill, you will find that you speak much less. People will more likely listen to what you say because they will come to know that when you speak, your words are worth hearing.


THINK before you speak.

You may want to place this acronym in places to remind yourself to pay closer attention to the words you utter.


Practice speaking in a Timely manner.

Be Honest with yourself and others.

Learn the gift of we rather than, “I,I,I.”

Speak only what is Necessary.

Practice being Kind.


These five keys (T.H.I.N.K.) will unlock the door to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life as you begin to communicate more deeply with others.




Like the eaglet, you must first be fed
by your mama. This is like receiving
information from other sources such as books, videos and conversations with those who feed you information to help you grow spiritually.


Just as an eaglet sheds its baby
feathers, so must humans shed their fears and out-dated beliefs in order to be able to fly. As negative beliefs are shed, allowing you to be in your
integrity and to speak your truth, the freer you become. Like the eagle, you can soar higher and higher, playing with the thermals and keeping a sharp eye out for your next meal, simply living in the moment, flowing with life while taking care of your basic needs.


As you mature, it is time to leave the nest. For humans, this is a time for
introspection, going within and learning to rely on yourself. You must make this solo flight in order to reach your
highest potential. It is your choice to create the path you wish to walk, taking responsibility for each step along the way. As you make better choices
leading toward your desired destiny, life becomes more profound. This is like the eagle that has mastered flight
patterns and is adept at catching prey in order to sustain life.


Then comes the day when the eagle chooses a mate. If you harbor anger and resentment towards your friends, you will surely do the same with the one you live with. If you have completed your "homework" and have cleaned your nest of unnecessary habits and beliefs, you will draw unto yourself an appropriate mate.


Learn from the eagle. There are no
comparisons about the feathers they wear, the sounds they make or their
flying skills. There is shared
responsibility and cooperation as they raise their young. The couple takes turns feeding and assisting their
offspring in learning how to fend for themselves. How much better earth would be if all humans did the same.


Look within and discover your innate beauty. Find what warms your heart and move beyond peer pressure. Dare to stand in your truth. Develop friendships with those who allow you to be yourself. Stand in your integrity and speak your truth. Be kind to yourself and
others. Your ability to soar high above the earth and flow with the wind is unlimited. What joy will fill your heart when you unfurl your wings and soar like eagles! 



In one sense, you are already perfect and pure, but in another sense, there is much you wish to experience, thus you have temporarily separated yourself from Source.


Know that you are truly not separate, for within you resides the Oneness of Source. You have chosen individuation, just for a time.


What many are striving for is to live in the human body while being spiritually aware and empowered. To ensure your success, consider the following.


Rest when you are tired.


Eat foods that are as close to their
natural state as possible.


Be kind to yourself and others.


Laugh often.


Enjoy life.


Choose work that gives you joy.


Be respectful of the beliefs of others.


Pay close attention to your own beliefs.


Overcome your fears.


Feel gratitude in every moment.


These are ten key ingredients
formulating your ascension process. Develop your daily routine around them and watch as your life unfolds before you as beautiful as the opening of the lotus blossom.


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