Soul Connection 94 ~ Monitor Your Thoughts

Your beliefs create your reality. If you have fear or thoughts that disturb you, refocus to thoughts of hope and joy. If you expect bad things to happen, they will, for you draw unto you what you place your attention upon.
Take time to monitor your thoughts throughout the day. One way to get into the habit of monitoring your thoughts is to set a timer and let it go off at random times. When you hear the alarm, ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?” Be conscious of your thoughts, then decide whether you wish to continue this line of thinking or to focus your attention elsewhere.
If the thought you are having brings up emotions that need to be healed, take the opportunity to unleash the emotions and to resolve the issues and any repercussions it has had in your life.
It would be tedious to attempt to monitor every thought. However, it would be beneficial to monitor your negatively charged thoughts until you have reached a point where most of your thoughts are positively oriented.

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