Soul Connection 67 ~ Endings are New Beginnings

When there is a completion, new doors open unto you. You are trained from youth to keep seeking new goals, to the point that the goal often becomes the reason for doing the deed while much is lost during the journey.
To increase your sense of contentment, pay more attention to what is occurring in the moment. For example, while eating, did you pay any mind to the plants and animals that gave their life for you? Did you savor the flavor of every bite? Did you consult with your body to ask it what it wanted to have for dinner? Did you mindfully chew your food in order to assist your body to digest the food and thus retain the nutrients needed to support your health?
Did you give any attention to those involved in the processing, transportation and sale of those food items? Have you ever wondered about the factory workers or pottery makers that spent their time creating the plates and cookware that you used to prepare the meal? While eating, did you give thanks to all involved?
As you end the meal by washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, continue to express gratitude for each step of the process. Then as you pass through the door and out of the kitchen, begin the next activity with the expectancy of finding more joy and happiness each step of the way.
Take time now to think of something that you have recently completed. It can be as grand as ending a project, saying good-bye to a loved one, or as simple as washing the supper dishes.
Choose one of these events to focus on. Did you stay in the moment during this event or did you find your mind wandering from past events to future possibilities? What doors are opening as a consequence of finishing this activity? How do you feel as you end this task or event? Is there a feeling of accomplishment? Are you ready to release any ties to that event in order to keep moving forward? Do you feel a sense of urgency to begin a new task? This is all well and good and even better when you savor the flavor that each moment offers.
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  1. Last week (Feb 15 I think) I replied to an email from a friend. She indicated that she has other friends she now prefers to spend time with. In that reply, I congratulated her on finding a comfort from her other friends and I also thanked her for the rare association we once both shared. I focused on the specialness of friendships in general and the things each person brings with them. It made me think specifically of that friendship too and the sense of loss I was feeling at that moment. The following day (or maybe even sooner) I felt a moment of lightness but not the initial loss. Although there were only slight barbs expressed by her about my perceived short-comings, in the end I felt happy to bid that association farewell and wish her well. I know it was the right thing to do. Releasing that episode became painless

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