Soul Connection 61 ~ Body Dowsing

A simple form of body dowsing is to ask a direct question in a “yes” or “no” format. Keep the question simple; there is actually an art form to asking questions in a concise manner. Practice with questions such as, “Is my name Susan? Do I have a dog? Am I a female?” Practice with easy questions you know the answers to. Avoid esoteric questions or those that are not your business.

First, stand erect in a balanced position. If your answer is a “yes,” your body will slightly move forward. If the answer is “no,” your body will gently sway backwards. This technique is very subtle and works best when you are emotionally balanced, relaxed and hydrated. Practice any dowsing technique you choose for several months before relying on the results.

Body dowsing is a great way to shop for food, vitamins, books or any object. Simply hold the object in your hand and next to your heart and ask if this object is for your best interest.

There are many ways you can use this simple technique, including how to discern the level of trust you can hold in another person. The goal is to find out if the other person sincerely has your best interests at heart or trying to manipulate you into doing something that ultimately is not in your best interest. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between the two.

While standing erect, ask if this person is telling you the truth on a specific subject. You can ask a multitude of questions this way. However, do not rely on any dowsing technique to foretell the future or to inquire into someone’s personal affairs.

Rely on your intuition and connect with your Soul and you will never go wrong!
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