Soul Connection 55 ~ Laughter is the Best Medicine

Welcome to this grand and glorious day! You are encouraged to take care of yourself and truly lighten up. Begin by laughing; deep, hearty, belly laughs. Get your energy flowing. As you breathe in more oxygen and work your internal muscles, you will be energized. Do this anytime you need a “pick me up.”
When you feel sad; laugh. When you feel tired; laugh. When your energy runs low; laugh. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! Encourage others to laugh with you.
When you have gatherings of a spiritual nature, include laughter sessions. Rejuvenate the energy of the group and get it flowing. Feel the joy awaken as you laugh with uncontrollable mirth.
Laughter from deep inside releases hormones at subatomic levels. It enhances awareness as you inhale more oxygen, bringing more creativity into your life. When you yawn, you are bringing in more oxygen as you relax. When you laugh, you are bringing in more oxygen as you prepare to be more active. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free!
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