Soul Connection 54 ~ Energy in Motion = Emotion

Before arising each morning, use your emotions to build an attitude of gratitude, thanking all persons, places and events for everything you have experienced. This includes unpleasant emotions, for they often are the catalyst for growth and inner strength.
You are now on the threshold, ready to leave unwanted patterns and beliefs behind. Take time to focus on a dream you would like to manifest or a project you are working on. Ask for guidance throughout the day to recognize the clues and synchronicities that will come your way. Bring up feelings of trust that all is in motion and that in essence, it already exists. “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Feel what it will be like to walk this Path in joy. Using your emotions and five senses, feel, smell, taste, hear and see the outcome in your mind’s eye.
Pay attention to each choice you are presented with this day. Take time to reflect on how you feel with each choice that is presented to you. Which choice feels right? As your day unfolds, be mindful of your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself indulging in stinking thinking, simply think again! Daily meditation and short breaks throughout the day in which you regain inner peace and connect with your Soul are highly recommended.
To reach your desired goals, walk towards them. This means becoming aware of each foot as you place it in front of the other to take the next step. At first, this may seem tedious. However, with practice, your desired behaviors will become habitual and happen on the unconscious level, allowing you to pay more attention to the beauty that surrounds you.
At any time, movement toward your goals may come to a halt if you are overcome with fear or indecision. Face your fears and acknowledge them for the role they played in your life. Then recognize that you no longer need to have that fear in your life and walk past it.
Seek guidance from your Soul. Always remember that you are not alone. Walk each step with a sense of empowerment and joy. Remember that life is not a destination, it is a journey.
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