Soul Connection 40 ~ Group Heart Connections

When in a group setting or a remote gathering, a conscious heart connection becomes exponentially powerful. If possible, have everyone gather in a circle. Each person places their right hand on the area between their own heart and throat. Next, have them place their left hand over their right hand. Take a few deep breaths in and out, focusing on gratitude and love.

Notice the warmth in the heart region and feel the sense of calmness and peace. With eyes open or closed, send the highest frequency of love to all who are present. Continue for a few moments. Know that you have connected and are increasing each other’s capacity to love.

This exercise is most powerful, when each person takes a moment to send love to each person in the group. This can be done by taking a few seconds to focus on each person. Look beyond their physical body and attempt to see them as they truly are, a reflection of God, pure Love. Visualize an energetic flow of love from your heart to their heart.

You can also make heart connections in a group such as in a movie theatre, at a concert, waiting for an airplane, etc. Simply well up the feelings of love within your own heart. Then emit love from your heart to each person that is present. Visualize this love flowing from you in all directions until it encompasses the entire area. This is also an effective way to clear energies in a space such as a prison, hospital or cemetery. You do not need to be on location to be effective. Feel grateful for the experience to be on earth at this moment of time. On some level, each person will experience the love you are emitting.
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