Soul Connection 35 ~ In Courage

As you go through your day, you will be presented with a countless number of choices. When you wake up, will you have something to drink or eat? What clothes will you wear? Will you make the bed? Will you work or relax today? Will you walk or drive where you need to go? What shall you prepare for each of your meals? Will you smile at everyone you meet?

For many of these, you are on “auto-pilot;” there is little to no conscious thought about it. These are habits; you just do them as part of your daily routine. The challenge is to be more observant and look at each of your choices to determine if they are in your best interest or not.

What is your highest goal for yourself? If you intend to have good health, be cognizant of each choice you make in your food intake, habits and what substances you put on your largest organ, the skin.

If you intend abundance, what limiting thoughts and behaviors are stopping you from reaching your desire? For each of the intentions you have set for yourself, monitor your thoughts and behaviors diligently in order to catch the beliefs and unconscious habits that keep you off track.

Each one of the changes you choose to make requires a specific amount of courage. With courage and discipline, you have the power within to change any belief and behavior. Give yourself the freedom to choose what is best for you in each and every circumstance.
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