Soul Connection 34 ~ A Bun Dance

Do you want an abundant life filled with joy, happiness and all the creature comforts? Well, let’s make it happen! Here’s how it works. First step is to believe that you can have whatever you want.
Second step is to identify what you want. You can be general in wanting things such as good health, wealth, loving relationships and joy. You can also choose specific things such as a new car, lover, dream vacation better job.
Third step is to begin the visualization process of how to get these things to materialize for you. First, clearly intend what you want by making a written list, making an oral statement to your Spirit Helpers, creating a vision board, joining others in a prayer circle, etc. Next, visualize what you want, using all your physical senses.
The fourth step is to set the creation process into motion. There are myriads of Heavenly Helpers on the “Other Side” that are happy to serve and co-create with you, but you must ask and really desire what you want. Pay attention to coincidences, synchronicities and your intuition. Fear and disbelief can instantly shut off the path they have prepared for you.
The fifth step of “a bun dance” is motion. When you notice things happening that might possibly lead to your desired goal, you must take action. This could mean phone calls, research, paying attention to possible clues, asking questions, quitting a job, moving to a new location, breaking away from people who are not healthy for you or changing dietary habits. You set the intention into motion and are responsible for creating the fuel to get you to the desired outcome.
Never forget the sixth step: gratitude. Always thank the Spirit Helpers and humans involved in helping your manifestation process. With an attitude of gratitude, you will create a field of even more endless possibilities. Let the music play, get up and wiggle your booty and enjoy the “a bun dance” of life!

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