Soul Connection 268 ~ Choose Joy

Even in your darkest hours, there are lessons to be learned. Reflect on what is occurring in your life now and in past situations that were challenging for you. What were some of the positive outcomes that came from past scenarios? Perhaps you were in a job you didn’t enjoy. One day you were fired; you felt angry, embarrassed, you developed an attitude of why did this happen to me? Yet now you are in a job that you enjoy. It was the letting go of the first job that opened the door to the new job.
Seek blessings in all things; focus your attention on the positive attributes of people and events in your life. If there is something you are not happy with, take your focus off the situation or take steps to change it. Be a responsible Earth steward and do all in your power to express positive thoughts and behaviors each moment of your life.
As you practice being in joy each moment, miracles will occur around you. You will draw more joyful people to you. Events that used to upset you will either no longer happen or you will not even notice them. It is a law of the universe that where you focus your attention, that is what will present itself to you. When things that bothered you in the past rear up their ugly heads, bless them, remain balanced, find the positive in the situation and remain in a state of joy.
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