Soul Connection 252 ~ Go Within Daily

You are accelerating rapidly along your Path of understanding, being assisted by movies, books and clearer communication with your Soul, Spirit Guides and Heavenly Helpers.
When you feel despair of the world’s situations and those closer to home, take time to go within and center yourself. Once balanced, you will be better equipped to receive Guidance and to act rather than react to situations that formerly upset you.
Go within before arising in the morning, when you retire in the evening and every moment in between when you feel anything less than joy and perfect love. The more your practice inner peace, the sooner it will become your way of life.
Enjoy this day in joy!

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  1. Amen!
    I am very grateful to have this wonderful spiritual guide!
    God bless you Teresa for your directions!
    I thank my spiritual guides and heavenly helpers!

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