Soul Connection 236 ~ Greetings Others

When greeting or shaking hands with others, look them in the eye. Look deep into their soul and recognize that this person is an extension of yourself, that you both are part of the wholeness of Source.

Without saying a word, send love to them. Choose to be kind to them in this moment and any time in the future. Send this message to them through your eyes.

Make an energetic connection by welling up feelings of love in your heart. Send it to their heart with the feeling of kinship and trust. No words need be exchanged while this is happening.

If someone greets you with a hug, allow yourself to receive this gift. While embracing, remain silent and allow the love in your heart to be sent to their heart. Let the initiator decide when the hug ends.

You have now made a loving connection with another Human Being. Practice doing this every time you meet someone. Many lives have been saved as a result of one person acknowledging the presence of another, especially those who are downtrodden. Celebrate the divinity within each other!

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