Soul Connection 226 ~ No Problem!

Relax and get into a quiet state of mind. State clearly a problem you wish to resolve. Your mind may fill with ideas, possible solutions, steps to take and things you need to change in your life that have exacerbated this problem.

As objectively as you can, without judging yourself or another, realize your role in this situation. If you are holding on to feelings of being a victim or needing an apology from another, release these feelings at this time.

The goal is to move forward with love and kindness. Bless the situation, for it gave you an opportunity to experience growth in your life. Send the person love, even if you have not released the anger or frustration you feel towards them. Surround them with love, encasing yourself with them in a bubble of golden light. By doing so, they will receive your love and it will help to keep walls between you from getting denser.

If it is a situation you wish to resolve, you may think of something that you have not thought of before. A phone number, a person, a place or an event may come to mind that triggers a new thought or way of looking at the problem.

Trust your intuition and be wary of what others suggest to you. Take into account what feels right, releasing fear-based thoughts that skew your ability to make appropriate choices. Know that no decision is right or wrong; they are simply choices. It is up to you to break through the things that hinder you from a life of joy. Have courage and press forward seeking joy in all things!

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