Soul Connection 170 ~ Love Exchange

There are many facets of love such as compassion, kindness, respect and gratitude. Love has a two-sided nature, giving and receiving. When you send someone loving thoughts, they receive them in an instant. They may suddenly feel a warm rush of energy and not know why.

Although it may be difficult to love those who trespass against you, these are your greatest teachers, for when you can love them, it becomes much easier to love yourself and others.

Choose one person that is difficult for you to love. Each day, send this person feelings of love, release your judgment of his/her behavior. Know this person was created by the same Source as you and that you are a hologramic part of each other. Continue sending love, even if it takes months, until you feel a heart connection has been made. Then forgive and release the pent up emotions that have kept you energetically blocked.

It is important to send loving thoughts to all of humanity. Although most do not realize what is happening, they receive the blessing anyway. Smile and send them a burst of love, no matter what your history is with each of them. Find blessings in all events. Throughout the day, send yourself loving thoughts, feel grateful for your body and the ability to be living on Earth at this time. Practice these things until they become habits, replacing old beliefs of judgment. Go forth, enjoy this day and fill it with blessings of love and gratitude!

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  1. Yes! Love is “The only true medicine to cure humanity from the binds of hatred and separation”…not always necessary to sacrifice one’s needs in order to be there for others; particularly when negativity is present…practicing “loving kindness” is all that is needed at times.

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