Soul Connection 166 ~ Daily Intentions

Today, take time in Nature to revitalize yourself. Take a walk in the early morning, you will set the energy for the day, allowing you to be more relaxed and in joy.

Make this a habit and you will see a tremendous change in your life. Greet the morning sun. Go to bed earlier in the evening. There is nothing more refreshing than to enjoy a place of peace as the sun rises and sets.

While in nature, breathe in and out deeply, focusing on the way you would like to behave this day. If there is someone you find annoying, visualize how you will respond in a positive way towards that person. If there is an unresolved issue you are grappling with, visualize how you will handle it this day.

When you are finished, take several more breaths in and out, receiving and sending peace, love and gratitude for the opportunity to be on Earth.

Go forth in joy and create a marvelous day for yourself!
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