Soul Connection 162 ~ One Affects All

When one person has a thought, it becomes an energetic field that floats outward. Higher frequency thoughtforms, such as love and gratitude, simply pass through dense masses. Lower frequencies collide with each other. Their essence is sticky, which allows them to glop to each other. When a person begins to change his thoughts, words and behaviors to those of higher frequencies, he uplifts himself, as well as everyone else.

You may have heard the term “collective consciousness.” This refers to a proportionally small amount of people who affect the vibrational patterns of the whole when they work together to build higher frequencies on Earth. Each conscious Lightworker represents or balances the energies of a vast number of people who are operating on lower levels. As Lightworkers consciously co-create globally, their ability to make positive changes increases dramatically.

Thus begins movement towards a tipping point in which the energy frequencies increase and the whole planet moves a notch higher vibrationally. There is a great awakening in progress that affects all life forms on Earth. As Lightworkers become more empowered and increase their love vibration, more people begin to open up and make positive changes in their lives.

Your individual progression affects the progress of all. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Use the power of your thoughts, words, actions, emotions and beliefs to create Heaven on Earth!

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