Soul Connection 156 ~ Feel Gratitude Each Moment

Take a few moments to relax and release the tension in your body. Go within and feel gratitude for everything you have experienced. Recognize that even the painful experiences have been great teachers, helping you to better understand your Self and allowing you an opportunity to make future choices that are more rewarding.

Take time each day to express gratitude to your Self and others as you pay attention to the blessings in all things. Continue this practice until it becomes a part of you, gratefully experiencing every opportunity presented to you in each moment.

There are many frequencies to strive for and gratitude is one of the highest attainable while living in human form. Practice acts of kindness, not as an obligation, but for the sheer joy of sharing your talents and love for one another. Make this part of your spiritual practice and you will soon find yourself feeling love for all on a level deeper than you currently fathom.

We all come from one Source and at the appointed time, we will each merge again with Source. Until then, enjoy the time you have on Earth, allowing yourself to experience life to the fullest!
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