Soul Connection 144 ~ Toss Those Bags

Visualize yourself as driving a car loaded with all the unwanted baggage you have carried since birth. While driving, you are listening to a CD that is helping to increase your inner vibration by feeling gratitude, kindness and compassion. You begin to forgive others for the painful things they said or did to you. Toss those bags out the window and keep on driving. (Don’t worry, these bags self-destruct, so you won’t get a ticket for littering!)
As you recognize your pattern of choosing partners who bring you down, throw those bags out of the window as you continue to cruise. You are now ready to let go of some friendships based on negativity. Let those bags fall off the roof of the car.
As you continue to fine-tune your day with more positive vibrational thoughts, words and actions, you become more objective with each bag you eject. You will begin to see and take responsibility for the choices you have made. Thus, you may switch the momentum of some of the unsatisfying events by changing the way you look at and do things. In other situations, you will begin to find the strength and courage to say, “no” and make changes that match your increasing vibrational level. This has to be, for “like attracts like.”
Don’t expect your car to come to an instant halt. That is painful and nearly impossible, unless you have had an epiphany, one of those “Aha!” moments, and are able to transform in “the twinkling of the eye.” This is possible.
There will come a point when you are ready to make the “leap of faith” and jump out of the car, even if it is still in motion. You may have a few scrapes and bumps as you roll to the ground. Rather than sit there and whine about the past or worry about the future, sit yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again. This time you will have a new and broader perspective of the powerful creator that you are. Walk over to the car dealership and choose the auto that best fits your new perspective. Enjoy the journey!
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