Soul Connection 143 ~ The End of Suffering

Many wonder how God could allow so much agony and suffering to occur on the Earth. You were given the gift of free will, thus much of your suffering is a direct result of choices you make. While on a global level, many suffer from the hands of others.
In essence, when you look at the entire history of the world, you will see that, as a group, things became out of hand overall due to the choices made by individuals over time. This includes such things as giving control to governmental leaders, allowing unrighteousness to occur at tribal level, greed and many other factors. Remember that your experience on Earth is miniscule in relation to your entire Soul existence. The hardships you experience now is less than a sneeze in the overall lifespan of your Soul.
If you want agony and suffering on Earth to end, you have the power to do so. However, there must be a consensus, first on a personal level, then regionally as you become a role model for others and then globally as you unite together with clear intent. You will need to do more than just dream it into existence. There are laws that need to change. All will need to respect others and speak their truth. Those in power who are using their role of leadership to manipulate others will need to change their heart or to be released from their duties. All of these things can be done if you join as one voice, uni-verse.
It takes time and effort to make great changes, but look what one person such as Gandhi or Mother Teresa was able to accomplish. Each of us has the ability to change and become a role model such as these two. When you release your fears and make all choices out of love of Self and others, you too will walk a path of righteousness, commanding the attention of others. Believe it and make it happen!
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