Soul Connection 141 ~ Mirror Exercise

Get into a comfortable position, then visualize sitting in a place you find to be serene. Take a few moments to unwind by deeply breathing in and out while relaxing all of your muscles. Mentally push the “off” button on your left-brain, placing it on auto restart when you return to your normal active brain state.

The journey today is to explore the universe that lies within you. There are many challenges you are facing as you reach towards your goal of happiness and peace. Drift inside these spaces for a while, simply gifting yourself with love and assurance that all is well.

As you allow your mind to drift, focus only on love. Perhaps you will visualize your Guides meeting you and holding you in their etheric arms. In whatever way you choose, focus on loving every part of your Being. Do not focus on anything specific, just send unconditional love through your whole Being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Fill your heart with gratitude for all the support you receive from those in the physical realm as well as the unseen realms. Bask in the love that returns to you. Stay in this space for as long as you wish.

When you return, go to a mirror and spend a few moments gazing into your eyes. Tell yourself that you are loved beyond measure. Allow yourself to receive this gift of love. Feel the warmth it gives you and attempt to hold onto this knowledge and feeling of love throughout the day.

During your morning routine, you may wish to add this simple exercise of gazing into your eyes and reminding yourself how much you are loved, just as you are. Remember you are a child of God, perfect in all ways. Go forth and have a beautiful day, knowing you are loved beyond all measure.
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