Soul Connection 137 ~ Make Joyful Noise

Today, let us celebrate and practice making joyful noises!

Are you ready? Release your inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words as you go, they need not be in a language you know; they can be just silly utterances. Build your crescendo, play with the sounds. Ohm, if you choose. Shriek with delight.

Make silly faces and movements. Have fun and release yourself. Make body movements; get up and dance around the room or better yet, in nature. Let the playful child inside come out. If there are others around, invite them to join you. Make silly faces at each other. If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you feel like crying, cry. Allow your emotions to arise. There is no need to attempt to understand why you are feeling these emotions, simply express them.

Continue to dance and sing for as long as you choose. Then, drink plenty of pure water and relax. Quiet yourself and go within for about fifteen minutes, expressing feelings of gratitude for all those who have been of assistance to you, both on Earth and beyond. Again, allow any emotions to arise.

Once you have finished, create a splendid day for yourself! Include this in your routine at least once a week and enjoy the freedom of releasing parts of you that are ready to be expressed.
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