Soul Connection 127 ~ What Do You Believe?

God- Source is loving, allowing all of creation to experience whatever it chooses within the parameters set for this universe. Wise parents do the same, allowing their children to learn some lessons for themselves. Although it is difficult at times to watch others follow paths you are sure will lead to pain or heartache, it is much worse to coddle them and cause them to miss opportunities to express themselves.

Look deeply into the beliefs you have surrounding your Creator. Rather than blindly accept what you hear in the pulpit, objectively consider what beliefs you would hold if you were raised in a culture vastly different from what you have experienced. Delve deeply into the mysteries of the universe and choose those that express kindness and love to all of humanity, nature and the universe in which you reside.

Truly, you are an expression of Source with the wisdom to find the truth that will set you free. Connect with your Soul for assistance when thoughts become muddled and confusion is overwhelming. Your life was meant to be filled with peace, love, joy and gratitude.
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