Soul Connection 102 ~ Dowsing 101

Dowsing, in its basic sense, uses the neuromuscular sensations of the body. There are various techniques; research and experiment until you find the technique that feels most comfortable to you.

Always word your questions in a format that can be answered with either “yes” or “no.” With practice, you will know when the dowsing tool is giving you a “maybe” answer or making an indication to ask more questions or be more specific. Before using any dowsing tool, it is best to begin with a series of questions, such as, “May I use the dowsing tool at this time? Can I using the dowsing tool at this time? Should I use the dowsing tool at this time?” If you get a “no” response to any of these questions, it is wise to honor the answer and dowse another time.

If you get a “no” answer to using a tool, set aside a few moments and center yourself. Never use the tools when you are upset. If you are emotionally charged over something that is happening in your life, it could skew the answers you receive from the dowsing tool. This is especially true when the questions you wish to ask are related to the issue that has you emotionally off balance.

Always be sure you are hydrated before dowsing. All questions should be stated in a manner in which they can be answered factually. Pendulums can give statistical answers, but they are not divining tools used to foretell future events. Always use them with respect and test their results by paying attention to your gut feelings and intuition. If an answer does not “feel right” then ask more related questions or choose not to accept the answer.

Dowsing is a fine art and takes time to develop. Do not use it to pry into other people’s affairs or to ask guidance for future events. It is basically a “here and now” tool to be used to answer forthright “yes” and “no” answers. Dowsing tools can be used in any area of your life. When used properly, it can save you many hours of time and labor. Dowsing tools are a magnificent way to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, as well as your Soul and Spirit Guides.

Like any tool, there can be the danger of over-reliance or inadvertently calling in lower vibrational entities. The goal is to build your energy level through experiences of love in order to have a more concrete relationship with all Beings. Continue to incorporate other tools such as intuition, gut feelings, emotions and innate wisdom. Develop your inner ear and ability to receive love and inspiration from your Soul, Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits. One day, you will not need these tools to communicate, that is the ultimate goal.
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