Soul Connection 1 ~ Empowerment Exercise

You know that moment when you first wake up, before your mind gets active and starts focusing on all the things you need to do? In that first moment, set the intention that you will focus on positive things and feel gratitude as much as possible today. Then hold the feeling of gratitude as long as you can.
This feeling of gratitude may only last a second, but you did it and you were successful! Catch yourself throughout the day when your thoughts, words and actions are off balance and switch to a more positive state of being.
Each morning, continue to practice focusing on gratitude and positive aspects in all people, events and places that come into your conscious mind. Soon, you will be able to hold this frequency for five minutes. Hey, that’s big for most of us! Continue each day and you will find yourself able to hold the higher frequencies longer and longer until it becomes first nature. This is the state of being you were in at birth and your true nature as an ambassador of love, connected to your Soul.
Don’t expect or make it your goal to hold this high vibration forever and ever. Being an emotional being is part of the human package. However, you will find yourself able to re-balance much quicker and easier when your buttons do get pushed. You will also be able to more easily release the low vibe situations and emotions that have been stifled.
Carpe diem! Seize the day! Embrace your inner power and let your light shine!
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