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What is the SoulCleanse℠?

The SoulCleanse is a safe and gentle process to clear non-beneficial
entities and energies that are interfering with your ability to connect
with your Soul and Spirit Guides. These interferences also manifest
in physical, emotional and mental ailments and are often associated
with addictive and compulsive behaviors.

During the SoulCleanse, your home, pets and place of employment
will also be cleared. In most cases, the Guides also extend this gift a
few miles outward. Your chakra system and energetic fields will be
balanced and realigned. You will receive a DNA enhancement,
allowing you to receive more photons and assist with your evolution.

There is a specialized team of High Order Beings
who guide and perform the work during each session.
Your Soul oversees and chooses the work to be performed.
You will receive a typed report on the results of the Cleanse.
Included will be general information on how to shield your auric field,
how to clear your chakras and general dietary information.

The SoulCleanse is performed remotely (telepathically).
You will not need to know when the work is being performed.

You can also request that the SoulCleanse be performed on others
whether they know about it or not. Permission will be requested
from their Soul.

The SoulCleanse is also effective in clearing animals and locations.

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What energies will be removed during The Soul Cleanse?


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The Celestial Cleanse is a remote group session
that is scheduled each month on
the New Moon, Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice.

Each person's Soul grants permission
and oversees the work performed.

During the Celestial Cleanse,
you will experience the following blessings.

Energetic Balance
DNA Enhancement
Auric Shield Repair
Chakra Alignment and Attunement
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing
Energetic Cleansing of Home, Automobiles and Pets
Non-beneficial cords from this life will be
cut, healed and sealed.

In addition, The SoulCleanse Team
and Heavenly Helpers will shower you
with their love, gratitude and healing energies.

Once the cleansing portion is complete,
we are joined by a myriad of "Heavenly Helpers."
We then merge our energies, spreading over the
entire surface of the globe,
sending healing to all that are willing to receive our gifts.

In order for the group to work cohesively,
during the Celestial Cleanse, all participants
must first receive a SoulCleanse.
The main reason is to ensure that you are entity free.

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Signs of entity interference

Interference from entities is much more prevalent
than most believe. Blockages from "stinking
thinking" can cause similar symptoms. Both
are remedied during the SoulCleanse.

Sudden onset of any of the following is a strong
indicator of entity interference. However, if an
entity has been with a person since infancy or
early childhood, these symptoms may appear
to be normal for this person.

Memory Problems
Poor Concentration
Feeling Disconnected
Hearing Inner Voices
Mood Swings
Unexplainable Physical Ailments
Impulsive / Compulsive Behaviors
Self Mutilation
Suicidal Thoughts
Unreasonable Fear
Irrational Behaviors
Personality Changes
Alcohol or Drug Abuse
Changes in Food Preferences
Objects Moving by Themselves

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The SoulCleanse℠ Team

During this 50 minute audio interview, Theresa
conducts a mini-SoulCleanse while introducing
you to the highly evolved beings that make up
the SoulCleanse team. You will receive the
blessings of the SoulCleanse as you listen.


Meet the SoulCleanse℠ Team

What energies will be removed during the SoulCleanse℠?

Non-Beneficial Energies

There are a myriad of energies that can attach
to a human. Some of these are thoughtforms
created inwardly based on fears and suppositions.
Humans who do not maintain their auric shields
often pick up the energies and emotions of others.

Non-Human Entities

There is a small faction of several
“Extra-Terrestrial” races who have been interfering
with humans since their inception. These individuals
and their networks are removed from and around
humans who experience the SoulCleanse.

These entities are known by many names such as
ET’s, demons, devils and fallen angels. During
the SoulCleanse, they are encouraged to remember
their divine connection to Source and become
active members of the Light.

Those who refuse the Light are taken to a place
of quarantine where they can no longer interfere
with the human race.


Earthbounds are humans who have died and for 
various reasons did not follow the normal progression
and cross over to the Light. When attaching to
humans, they create much havoc.

The thoughts, fears, beliefs and habits of the
Earthbound Spirit intermingles with that of the host.
This can lead to addictions, criminal activities,
suicide, undesirable behaviors, attitudes and habits.

During the SoulCleanse a safe passageway
is created and the Earthbound Spirits are encouraged
to go to the Light. In most cases, they are apologetic
and leave  immediately.


Leeches are snake-like creatures that latch
onto or penetrate the host’s energy field. They
are of a low consciousness, their aim is simply
to exist. They suck the energy from the host,
which leads to tiredness, lethargy and a host
of dis-eases.

The largest danger associated with leeches
is their ability to enter in mass numbers.
As the host’s auric field is weakened, it allows
entrance for more insidious entities such as
ET’s and Earthbound Spirits.

Non-Beneficial Cords

When a human connects with a person, place,
living creature,event or ideal, an energetic cord is
connected between the two. This is similar to an
umbilical cord.

The purpose of the cord is to allow an energetic
flow to create the experience. These cords
accumulate lifetime after lifetime, creating
dis-harmony that often affects one’s current

Resulting are issues such as phobias, beliefs,
addictions and dis-eases from unresolved past
life issues. Most harmful is the tendency of cords to
block one’s conscious connection with their Soul.

During the SoulCleanse, all non-beneficial cords
will be cut, then the roots will be removed from
both ends, healed and sealed.

Soul Fragments

When a human experiences a traumatic event
such as abuse, injury or surgery, a fragment
of the soul may come out of place, generally
as a coping mechanism. These fragments
remain attached by an energetic thread.
Oftentimes they remain close to the body,
however, they can be far removed.

In cases such as receiving an organ implant
or a traumatic event from another lifetime,
a fragment from the other person (dead or alive),
may attach within the client’s auric field.
Soul fragments from all lifetimes will be reset
and melded back into place during
the SoulCleanse.

Damaged Auric Shields

Rips and holes in the auric shield are the result
of low vibrational activities such as fear-based
thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions,
whether internally based or directed at another.

Unhealthy addictions, such as alcohol and
drug abuse, also weaken the auric field and shield.
These will be cleared, mended and energized.

What energies will be removed during The Soul Cleanse?

Why is it important to connect with my soul?

The Soul delights in creating various opportunities
to experience; this is the lure of a human incarnation.
With the permission of the Source of All, your
Soul created your human form. Each human
is here on Earth, at this time, to fulfill an expression
of one's Soul.

To navigate this density, life can be lived more
profoundly when attuned to one's Soul. Consider
yourself the hands, mouth, feet and heart of
your Higher Self / Soul. When consciously aware,
you work in tandem to create whatever experiences
were planned before entering this incarnation.

What can I expect during the cleanse?

The SoulCleanse is a gentle and compassionate
process. Because this work is done on a remote
basis, most do not know when The SoulCleanse
will occur. Many express that at the time of the
Cleanse that they feel a sense of calm and peacefulness
and increased mental clarity.

What can I expect after the SoulCleanse℠?

Every person is unique with many factors to consider.
Common to all are detox effects which fall into a
range of subtle to definitely noticeable. Symptoms
are common to those when having a cold or the flu.

Although non-beneficial cords are cut during
The SoulCleanse, the client will still need to
monitor and change the fears, beliefs, attitudes
and behaviors from past experiences. The good
news is that once a cord is cut, the energetic ties
are severed, making it easier to change one’s habits,
addictions and behaviors.

Those who have had entities since childhood,
may need support as they re-discover who they
are and re-create their lives. The Monthly Booster
and my book, * Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to
Self-Empowerment, greatly assist with these goals.

Care of one’s auric shield and changing the
patterns that allowed entry of the non-beneficial
entities or energies are crucial to maintaining
self-control and full empowerment of one’s life.
Most important is the ability to communicate
easily with one’s Soul in order to navigate the
Path you chose before incarnating.

* Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment
can be purchased online or through the Mayan Messages
page. The book can also be read in its entirety at:

SoulCleanse℠  Testimonials

"This neighborhood was infested with dark spirits
for years. There were serious issues between
neighbors and a mysterious group meeting in
the basement. After several Cleanses, the
most troublesome neighbors moved out.
I saw 2 neighbors hugging yesterday. I haven´t
seen that in 8 years! I haven´t seen any more
dark shadow/spirits.”
H.N., Sweden


"Since the SoulCleanse, I am much more relaxed
and grateful for everything. I also see now certain
issues from a different angle and with more honesty.
I was expecting that you would tell me that I had
many spells or ties or even a very bad karma and
that was the reason I haven't been able to thrive,
but I am surprised and glad to see that wasn't
the case... the only things that are holding me back
are my own thoughts!"
K.H., Austria


"Overall, I've been moving forward nicely since
the cleanse, after a period of being stuck.
I am not feeling any craving for sugar now,
which is a blessing.”
K.E., Maryland


"Thank you for your SoulCleanse report,
this gives me a clear idea of the work involved
and also adds insight into some unknown factors.
My spirit message resonated with me and is exactly
what is required for me in this moment in my life.

I felt my heart open up tremendously and my crown
connected to source. The physical pain felt in my
left ovary and my arm no longer exists!
No one else has previously been able
to assist me in healing these areas.”
A.S., Florida

"I have become much more conscious of my
negative thinking patterns and therefore better
able to stop myself from feeding the unhealthy
habits and cords. Thank you for equipping me
with more tools and the gift of healing.
It has given me renewed strength and hope.”
L.B., Hawaii


"I know I have been dogged by some of these
hanger-on entities for a long time. I had something
like this done in 1998, but it was not as thorough.
You have a real gift. After the Cleanse, I felt
something "lift" - a freeing. I "automatically" began
doing some things I had been putting off for as
long as a year.”
B.B., North Carolina


"I feel as if I have a new lease on life!
My cravings and drug seeking behavior have
gotten 100% better. I know I have abilities to be
a great healer and to help people and this was
weighing me down and killing me.”
S.H., Georgia


"I am feeling so much better and have seen
a difference in my thought processes. I had a
situation come up today that instead of stewing
over it, I stepped into my power and confronted
it with love and compassion. I have noticed a
great shift in my thought processes. There has been
no sign of entities since the Cleanse.”
S.S., Canada


"I felt a huge shift in my thinking and a lightness
about myself. I stopped drinking with ease.
I feel at peace with the surrendering to God
with my dis-ease, something I was so resistant
to before.”
T.H., United Kingdom