Equinox Remote Group Celestial Cleanse!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017


The Celestial Cleanse will be conducted at sunrise, EDT.
You do not need to “tune in” during the Celestial Cleanse, your Soul will ensure you are energetically connected.


The Equinox offers us an opportunity to balance the energies within. Using the power of group intention and the combined energies of our Souls and Spirit Helpers, we will focus on balancing the energies of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Then we will radiate this healing energy outward to our local communities, global community and beyond!


Suggested donation: $5-20 USD No one turned away due to lack of funds.


For more information or to Register, visit: http://www.theresacrabtree.com/events/


Your Soul oversees the work performed to ensure that you do not receive anything that is not for your highest good.


Invite your friends! Many hearts are needed to help raise the energy on Earth!




Got entities? Addictions? Feel stuck? Consider a Soul Cleanse today! www.theresacrabtree.com/soul-cleanse


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