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Blue Moon / Lunar Eclipse
Celestial Cleanse

January 31, 2018


During the Celestial Cleanse, our Souls, Spirit Guides
and the Soul Cleanse team will unite
to shower us with healing energies.

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After the cleansing portion, as a collective, we will spread
healing energies and love across the globe, performing
a “mini” cleanse on all Beings whose Souls permit this work.

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All work is performed in the ethers. Your Soul will be called in,
thus you do not need to be present or “tuned in” to participate.

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The Full Moon is a time to shine the light on the darkness within.
It is also a great time to bring forth your gifts to share with others.
We will use our collective energies to clear non-beneficial energies
blocking us from manifesting our goals.

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Register with your donation below.
Suggested donation for the Celestial Cleanse:
$5 – 20 USD

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PLEASE NOTE: In order for our energies to remain cohesive
as a group during the Celestial Cleanse,
receiving a personal Soul Cleanse is a prerequisite.

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Order a personal Soul Cleanse today!

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